In This Incredible Guide: You will discover how to master the most popular scale used on the guitar and learn the secrets of guitar legends

Find out how to unlock the secrets of the pentatonic scale and start creating and playing guitar solos like you have always dreamed of.

In Master the Pentatonic Scale  You Will Discover...

  • Essential Shapes and Patterns

    Learn the essential shapes and patterns on the fretboard so you can easily visualize where the pentatonic scale is all across the fretboard. We’ll give you tips and tricks to help memorize the shapes and the optimal fingerings to use.

  • Fundamental Guitar Licks

    You will learn the tried and true pentatonic guitar licks that you have heard in countless solos by such legends as Jimmy Page, Slash, David Gilmore, Zakk Wylde, Jimi Hendrix and many more.  These guitar licks are the building blocks for learning to play and create amazing guitar solos just like your heroes.

  • The Blues Scale and Color Tones

    Learn how to add notes to the pentatonic scale to create new and exciting sounds and “color”  These special notes give a whole new life to the pentatonic scale and will make your solos come alive!

Finally, the First Practical, Step-By-Step, Roadmap for Playing Lead Guitar


Are you struggling with your lead guitar playing?


Are you frustrated trying to figure out how to get in to lead guitar playing?

Are you looking for the key to sounding like your favorite guitar hero?

Tired of being the "back up" player and want to be in the spotlight?

Perhaps you’ve learned a few scales already and you’re what? Maybe you’ve even learned a few simple solos from your favorite guitar players but when it comes down to playing your own solos or really understanding how lead guitar works,  you are at a complete loss.

Have you ever been to a jam session and felt lost? When the other guitar player there turns to you and says, “you take one.”, do you sheepishly decline and mutter something like “I don’t play lead guitar, only rhythm.”

So what's the secret to playing killer lead guitar?

The secret to playing awesome lead guitar is to follow a proven plan. Without a proven plan you will only end up making lots of mistakes and wasting a ton of time.

Seems pretty easy, right? But the truth is, I’ve found more beginner and early intermediate guitar players are confused and puzzled about playing lead guitar.

If you're reading this, I'm sure you have spent time surfing the web looking at guitar programs or picking up bit and pieces from YouTube.

How far has that gotten you?

Random videos and little bits of information here and there will NOT get you to your goals of learning to play lead guitar.

The Hard Truth...


I’ll be completely honest with you. It takes a steady focused commitment to learn the guitar and years of playing to really begin to approach any sort of mastery on the instrument.

But you don't have to struggle while doing so.  Guitar is supposed to be FUN!  Sure you have to put time in to it but you should be enjoying that time.

And that's why Six String Studios has created this exciting product- Master the Pentatonic Scale




The Quest For Amazing Lead Guitar Playing

Let me take a step back and introduce myself.  My name is Scott Jensen and I own Six String Studios where I teach around 50 guitar students every week from my guitar school in the suburbs of Minneapolis.  In addition, through my portfolio of guitar related websites I have been able to help thousands and thousands of guitar students around the world.

Ok... Ok...  Enough about me

This is where things get fun.  I used my students as guinea pigs without them even knowing it!

Let me back up for a minute.  I once was a beginner guitar player trying to unlock the secrets to ripping out killer guitar solos like I watched my heroes do at live shows and on MTV.

Remember when MTV played music videos?!

I struggled and struggled to find a good source of information to help me on my quest for lead guitar nirvana.

Through that struggle, I learned a lot.  I learned what works and what doesn't.  I learned the best ways of presenting only the essential information that a beginning lead guitar player needs.


Back to my poor unsuspecting students.

Each and every week, I would listen to my students express how much they wanted to play awesome lead guitar and how they were tired of being the rhythm guy in the band.

I began to develop a curriculum that made playing lead guitar so easy that my 8 yr old students could do it.

Dont get me wrong.  There were a lot of revisions, tweaks, additions to the curriculum and things being thrown out that werent working.

I spent months doing this over and over with all of my students.

And finally all of my hard work paid off.

New students coming in were being exposed to this lead guitar guide that I had spent months perfecting and the results were INCREDIBLE!


The results were almost instant.  Students were catching on quick and were playing solos and lead guitar licks quicker than they would have ever imagined.

What is this Knowledge Worth?

For less than the cost of a value meal at McDonalds, you can save a massive amount of time and money and FINALLY begin to play lead guitar like you have always dreamed.

Hell the bonuses that are included in this package are well worth the few dollars you'll pay for this amazing lead guitar training.


It simply doesnt get any easier than that.


Check Out What Other People Are Saying About Master The Pentatonic Scale

The Master Pentatonic course from Six String Studios is awesome!  It really helped me enter the world of lead guitar.

Matt G

I cant believe this guide is so cheap!  It has saved me hours and hours of trolling the net and saved me a ton of money when I just want to get a jumpstart in playing solos and stuff.  Thanks so much!

Mark H

I've always been the rhythm guy forever and wanted to get in on a jam night at my local bar but was too scared to.  I wanted a quick and easy guide to me started so I could join in on the jam nights.  This awesome package did it!  Thanks so much for putting this together.

Scott P.


We have put together an exciting group of bonuses that you'll get with Master the Pentatonic Scale.

These bonus courses were put together to give you a COMPLETE package to help you begin your journey in lead guitar playing and master the most important scale in guitar playing.

These courses are taught by some of the biggest names in guitar teaching.

And they're yours COMPLETELY FREE with your purchase of Master the Pentatonic Scale

Power Pentatonics in 1 Hour With Brett Papastache (Valued at $47).

You get immediate access to this one-hour, 4-video series featuring Brett "Papastache" Papa — along with the eight free jam tracks.

In this exciting course, you'll get playing secrets so that you can:

  • Create dynamic and amazing blues/rock solos in the two most popular positions.
  • Create your own riffs and licks.
  • Take your favorite riffs from other guitarists and "put them in a soup" to create your own.
  • Keep it simple — but wildly effective — when mixing major and minor pentatonic.
  • Discover how even just simple soloing ideas can create complex and sophisticated sounds that will amaze your audience.
  • Learn how to put it all together and make it creatively FLOW.


And don't forget of course that you'll be doing all this with the killer-sounding eight jam tracks we're giving you with this free course

Pentatonic Scale and Trills with Steve Stine (Valued at $29)

Pentatonic scales and trills will help you craft monster riffs and solos.

It's a great chops builder that's going to give you a whole arsenal of sounds to help you improvise more effectively and spice up your guitar playing.

And it's taught by the World's most sought after guitar instructor Steve Stine

5 Minute Miracle Fingers Courtesy of Guitar Zoom ($17 Value)

Dan Denley, founder of one the biggest guitar lesson companies has put together an incredible course full of some of the most effective exercises to get your fingers in to shape.

It's a complete gym workout for your guitar playing.

Spend a few minutes a day on these awesome guitar exercises and watch your playing SOAR!

Grab Your Copy TODAY!

scottj6_a1If you're not sure where to begin your lead guitar playing journey, are tired of being the rhythm only guy, or just want some awesome pentatonic licks and tricks to add to your arsenal that will give you a better understanding of lead guitar playing, then you need this exciting Master the Pentatonic Scale package.


I created a guide from hundreds of hours of testing and the feedback from my wonderful roster of private students to help you get the most from your guitar playing in the shortest amount of time.

Just to summarize- You'll get instant access to your copy of Master the Pentatonic Scale which will completely walk you through the pentatonic scale with the best ways to visualize the scale, practice exercises, real world licks from the Guitar Gods and how to use the most popular scale in guitar to create your own jaw dropping solos.


The Fun Doesn't Stop There

You get $93 in incredible bonuses FREE

  • Pentatonic Power in 1 Hour with Brett Papastache
  • Pentatonic Scale and Trills featuring Steve Stine
  • 5 Minute Miracle Fingers courtesy of Guitar Zoom

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